Do I Need a Licensed Professional For an AC Installation in Boise, ID?

Certain things just aren’t enjoyable for homeowners to think about. One of these is replacing expensive household systems. Unfortunately, the truth is that something eventually breaks down and needs to be replaced. If you live in a home with an air conditioner unit, you should plan to deal with AC installation every ten years or so.

Keep reading to learn about the signs of a faulty unit, how you can benefit from a new air conditioner in the long run, and what you can do to make your AC installation experience trouble-free.

When Is It Time for New AC Installation?

Many homeowners will choose to continue investing in AC maintenance and repairs. They’ll wait until something goes wrong that cannot be fixed to consider getting a new unit. At first glance, it may seem more economically viable to pay for minor repairs over time instead of paying a significant amount for AC installation.

In truth, you may be better off investing in a new air conditioning unit. Over time, the money saved on constant repairs and operating an inefficient system will make that choice worthwhile.

Should you decide that you want to hire someone to replace your air conditioner, don’t wait until the hot weather comes to stay. Arrange the replacement for the off-season. That way, when summer begins, your air conditioner will be more than ready to blow cold.

Understanding When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

You can expect to get between 10 and 15 years out of your air conditioner. That’s if it’s properly maintained. If it isn’t, the lifespan is shorter.

It can be worth making repairs early on to save money and keep your air conditioner in working order. Down the line, as your system ages, repairing your unit is merely delaying the inevitable. One breakdown leads to another. Eventually, it will seem as if you are constantly having something fixed.

Your Refrigerant Is in Dinosaur Mode

Your older air conditioning unit may require R-22 refrigerant. That’s going to be a problem. This refrigerant is terrible for the environment and is no longer legally produced or imported. There’s no regulation saying you must replace your R-22 air conditioner, but it will become more challenging to find the refrigerant you need in the future.

That may be motivation enough for you to invest in AC installation. If it isn’t, consider the positive environmental step you would be taking by getting a new air conditioning unit that doesn’t use this harmful refrigerant.

Your AC Unit Is Making Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

It isn’t just that an older air conditioner is going to cost more money to run. Older units were less energy-efficient even when they were brand-new. Check your utility bills. Do you see a significant rise in costs when you turn on your air conditioner for the summer? You could save more than 100 dollars per month using a new unit with an excellent SEER rating.

Your Air Conditioner Is Too Small for Your Demands

The temperature in Boise, ID, can reach 90 degrees easily in the summer and stay that way for weeks at a time. On their own, those temperatures can tax an air conditioning unit. Now, imagine the added impact of having a unit that is too small for your household. Even if your home does cool eventually, it’s likely at the cost of a constantly running air conditioner system. It may be time to retire that old unit and spend a bit of money on a new AC installation.

AC Installation Benefits

It may be helpful to view this as an investment, not an expense. Your old unit caused plenty of issues and cost extra money to run. You may not be excited about the idea of having a new AC installed. The following benefits might win you over:

  • Lower running costs
  • Insurance or tax benefits
  • Improved air quality
  • Cools house with less effort
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Runs quietly
  • A big selling point

Talk to the service techs who are performing your AC installation. They will let you know if you qualify for any special programs, warranties, or rebates.

Next Steps for AC Installation

Once you’ve decided it’s time to look into AC installation services, you’ll need to find a reputable contractor. You could start by googling “AC services near me.” An online search will give you a long list of Boise, ID, HVAC contractors. TSS Home Comfort believes we’re the best service you can find in all the state.

When you call TSS Home Comfort, our team members will be happy to discuss your options and offer professional advice on your situation’s best air conditioner unit. They are knowledgeable about energy efficiency, savings programs, the proper size unit you need, and other factors. You won’t feel rushed or pressured into making a purchase immediately.

Once you settle on a plan and set your AC installation appointment, we will dispatch a technician immediately. Don’t worry about what you’ll do with your old air conditioner. The climate-friendly disposal of old units is almost always included in our services. TSS Home Comfort offers top-quality service delivered on time and advice that is relevant to your household needs. If you’re in Boise, ID, and you need AC installation, give us a call!