Clean or Mean: Maintaining Your Furnace’s Energy Efficiency Rating

It feels good to know that you’re keeping on top of things, doesn’t it? Maybe you get your car’s oil changed a tad early (before you absolutely have to). Even something like doing the laundry and putting away your clothes in the span of the same day feels incredibly gratifying. However, you choose to do it, being proactive has a way of improving the quality of your day-to-day life.

And just like how we can live more efficiently, our appliances can do the same thing. It can be as simple as a furnace tune-up to make your heating system run better and stronger. If you’re a homeowner in the Boise area and have found yourself looking into “furnace services near me,” you can be sure that TSS Home Comfort Services is the best name for the best possible Energy Efficiency Ratio.

Energy Efficiency Ratio: What You Need to Know

Also known as an EER, the Energy Efficiency Ratio determines how much power an HVAC system can make for a set amount of electrical energy. Power input is noted in Watt-Hours, while the heat output is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units).

It’s possible to measure energy efficiency by dividing the BTUs into the Watt-hours, but you’ll often find the EER on the furnace’s label when you first buy it. If you’re buying a new furnace, this is something to consider, as a higher EER is a way to determine that the heating system is more energy-efficient.

With a good rating and an annual furnace tune-up, you can operate your heating system with lower utility costs and even more comfort.

Benefits of a High-Rated Furnace

You and your home will gain a lot from scheduling a regular furnace tune-up, along with taking other measures to increase your unit’s energy efficiency. A higher SEER means lower energy consumption. So even if you pay more at first for a higher-rated appliance, you’ll be paying less every month you use it.

And even though you’re cutting costs, you still get a heating system that functions better despite using less energy. That gives you a warmer house and a smaller carbon footprint, meaning that not only are you creating a comfortable home, but you’re also contributing to a more secure planet.

Maybe you didn’t have an Energy Efficiency Ratio in mind when you bought your furnace, or maybe your home already had a heating system in place when you moved in. That’s okay! You can improve your EER by keeping up with an annual furnace tune-up no matter which model you have.

Increasing Efficiency Through a Furnace Tune-Up

Regardless of how well your furnace is functioning, it can benefit from a furnace tune-up. Even if your heating system is running without a problem, after being unused for months at a time, any unit can be running a little better. A furnace tune-up should happen every year, preferably in the late summer or early fall. That way, you can get the service you need before you really start relying on your unit.

But what happens during a furnace tune-up? When you get it done through TSS Home Comfort Services, we can send a qualified professional to your home with a checklist to inspect your heating system from the inside out. This can include:

  • Examining the electrical components
  • Testing the heating elements
  • Recalibrating the thermostat 
  • Cleaning and lubricating the parts that need it
  • Testing the safety and limit switches

This kind of annual service is invaluable to maintaining the health and efficiency of your heater. It’s a way to repair before a repair is necessary because it gives our team the chance to spot problems early on. So you’re not only saving money on your energy bills but also on a potentially costly repair down the line. 

You don’t wait to prioritize efficiency until your furnace breaks down in the middle of a Boise winter. With a furnace tune-up, you can rely on your heating system with the confidence needed to face any cold front.

TSS Home Comfort for a Furnace Tune-Up in Boise, ID

What separates TSS Home Comfort Services from other providers in the Boise area? We work hard to provide excellent service on every front that our competitors can’t beat. That starts even before we perform the job when we create a customized plan that incorporates your budget and specific needs. 

Our team has years of experience under their belt, and they go through hours of training every year to stay on the cutting edge of the best service possible. And they won’t push you towards an upsell that you don’t need. Our mind is on what’s best for your home, not our wallet, and we won’t suggest a job that we don’t think you need.

We know that you deserve a home that’s comfortable as well as manageable. So if you’re looking for a more efficient furnace that works the way you want it, contact TSS Home Comfort Services today. We’re the highest-rated provider for the highest-rated EER.