Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

If you are sitting in your living room enjoying a movie and you start to hear a dripping sound, you might cross your fingers, hoping the sound is coming from the movie and not somewhere in your house. But if it’s coming from your AC, it might put an end to your relaxation. You’ll be making calls to your HVAC technician or searching online for why your AC is leaking water. Hopefully, at TSS Home Comfort we can give you any answers you need.

Not everyone knows that air conditioners also dehumidify the air. It can add to your comfort, especially on humid days in Boise, ID, since extra moisture can make it feel warmer. When your air conditioner takes moisture out of the air, it channels it to a drip pan where it makes its way outside. Your AC then pumps cold, dry air back into the house. 

When something goes wrong, you could have water spilling out of the drip pan, getting inside your house, and even damaging the AC itself. If you’re wondering if you can use your AC when water is leaking, it’s better just to call. You don’t want to end up with water damage or expensive AC repairs

How to Know That Your AC is Leaking Water

Often, it will be easy to spot a leak in your apartment or house. You may see water dripping from the air conditioner filter or puddles on the ground. There might be stains on the wall if the water is dripping from your split AC indoor unit. If there are no obvious signs, watch out for a few other indications that your AC is leaking water. 

If there is a leak, you’ll notice the performance of your system go way down. It will be working overtime, but your house still won’t be cooling off. You could notice a change in air flow from vents or higher electricity bills. Hissing or dripping sounds might tip you off to a leak, as well as ice forming on any part of your system. A leaking AC will be easier to diagnose than a frozen one

Why Is Your AC Leaking Water?

There can be many reasons that your AC is leaking. Some are more serious than others, but you should always take notice. Here are the top reasons:

Clogged Up Drain Line

Whether it is your central air conditioner or window AC that’s leaking water, a clogged up drain line is the number one reason for water leaks. It will be the first thing that any technician will check before moving on to other causes. With water continually running from the drain pan and through the drain line, minerals, algae, mold, and dirt can build up. Before long, water can’t drain and the pan will overflow. 

Refrigerant Levels Are Off

If refrigerant is leaking, your AC isn’t going to cool things down enough. Low refrigerant can also cause evaporator coils to freeze. If your AC is leaking water even when it’s off, it may be frozen water melting and overflowing the drip pan. 

A Broken Drip Pan

If you have a bowl with holes, it won’t hold much soup! In the same way, if your drip pan rusts, corrodes, or gets bent and broken, it won’t be able to do its job. When your wall AC keeps leaking water, the fix may be as simple as having TSS Home Comfort replace the drip pan. 

A Faulty Condensate Pump

If your drain system is higher than the AC unit, gravity won’t be much help in getting water to drain where it is supposed to. Your system will need a condensate pump to get water up and out. If it’s broken, water fills up the drain pan where gravity causes it to become a puddle on the ground. 

A Dirty Filter

You probably know to change your filter every few months. But if your pets have been shedding more or passing cars are stirring up a lot of dust, your filters might get dirty sooner. A lack of airflow can make evaporator coils freeze over. When it melts it will drip from the coil, fill up the pan, and leak over the edge. 

Having the Leak Repaired

Your first question when you see that little puddle of water might be “is water leaking from an air conditioner dangerous? We can set your mind at ease. It’s not as unsafe as a refrigerant leak. However, it can quickly cause water damage in your garage, your house, or your AC. The leak may also be connected to a refrigerant leak so it’s best to get it checked out as soon as you can. 

How do you fix an air conditioner that’s leaking water inside? If you want to try a DIY solution first, go ahead and change the filter. If that doesn’t fix the problem, your next step will be to turn off your AC and call someone from TSS Home Comfort to track down the cause. 

Water leaks can be a simple fix. Call someone right away to stop the leaks and get your air conditioner working again!