Furnace Installation in Meridian, ID

You recognize a furnace installation in Meridian, ID is a job best left to the professionals. You need someone trained to determine the proper size and type for the resident. TSS Home Comfort is ideal for this task. 

We can help you with furnace installation in a new building and the replacement of an existing unit in a home. Our team of local heating contractors is the best in the business and will ensure the job runs smoothly from start to finish. 

We also help those in need of commercial HVAC service, as everyone deserves to be comfortable at home, work, or wherever they go. 

Furnace Installation Options

You will find there are several types of furnaces available today. Don’t assume the furnace replacement must be identical to the unit being removed. While the infrastructure for a similar unit may be in place, consider all options. 

Choosing a different furnace may come with several benefits. In fact, you might find a distinct style for your furnace installation in Meridian, ID could save you money on your heating bill each month. What types of furnaces do we commonly install today? 

Electric Furnace Installation

Electrically powered furnaces heat the air using electric heating elements. A blower delivers this heated air throughout the building with the help of ducts and vents. 

You will find this appliance comes with a lower purchase price at the time of furnace installation in Meridian, ID. In addition, the unit is smaller than other furnace types. Nevertheless, the monthly energy bills can be high if the cost of electricity in the area is high. 

Gas Furnace Installation in Meridian

If you choose a gas furnace installation near you, you need a natural gas supply. This natural gas comes from a municipal line and heats the air passing through the furnace. As with an electric furnace, the ductwork distributes this heated air throughout the home or building. 

You might find a gas unit makes sense when it is time for a furnace replacement, as heating the home with gas often costs less than doing so with an electric furnace. However, the price you will pay each month depends on the utility prices in your area. 

In addition, a gas furnace requires more maintenance than its electric counterpart. However, gas furnaces have a longer lifespan than electric units and may last a decade longer if you maintain them properly. 

Oil Furnace Options

Homes that don’t have a natural gas supply in place might benefit from an oil-burning furnace. Oil lacks the efficiency of gas, so energy bills will be higher, but it is an option that you should not overlook. 

TSS Home Comfort works with clients to find the right furnace for their needs. However, we recognize a furnace will not be appropriate for every home or business. If the installation of a furnace isn’t feasible for one or more reasons, other options need to be explored. 

Signs a New Furnace May Be Needed 

When is furnace replacement necessary? This is a question we often hear from our customers. A well-maintained furnace may last 20 years or more, although you might need a furnace repair more than once during this period. 

However, the unit will eventually wear out and you will find yourself in need of furnace installation near Meridian. How do you know when this day has arrived? 

Uneven heating is a sign the unit needs attention from an HVAC professional. If you find the heater needs frequent repairs, it may make more sense to have it replaced rather than paying for repair after repair. 

Carbon monoxides are a concern, and the risk of a leak increases as the unit gets older. These leaks are more commonly seen in furnaces that are 15 years old or older. 

You will find the furnace becomes less efficient with time. This happens even when you have performed regular maintenance and have the system tuned up by a professional as recommended. Replacing the unit will allow you to save on energy bills each month and ensure the home remains at the desired temperature. 

Reach Out to TSS Home Comfort

Call TSS Home Comfort today to have your furnace inspected. We’ll inspect the unit to determine if there are any potential problems brewing. If we feel a furnace replacement is your best option, we’ll help you find the right unit for your needs. 

This depends on many factors, and our technicians undergo training to ensure they don’t overlook any of these factors. We want to ensure you remain comfortable in your home or business and will do everything necessary to achieve that goal.