Furnace Repair in Meridian, ID

It’s never fun to come inside on a cold winter day only to find the furnace isn’t heating the home. The homeowner may check simple things to see if they can fix the problem. If not, they need the best local heating and air contractor to find the problem and fix it quickly. TSS Home Comfort is that provider. 

We handle furnace repair in Meridian, ID and will help with other HVAC repair needs, as we want our customers to be comfortable in their homes. Our licensed, professional technicians do the job right the first time and work to keep the cost down. 

They know heating and cooling costs take up a large part of a person’s energy budget. Their goal is to improve the energy efficiency of the unit while ensuring it runs safely. Call for furnace repair near you today. 

Common Problems Seen with Furnaces

Many things may lead to the need for furnace repair in Meridian, ID. A homeowner can reduce the risk of some problems, but they cannot avoid others. What might the technician find when they are called to fix a furnace?

Dirty filters interfere with proper airflow and force the furnace to work harder to keep the home at the desired temperature. In addition, a clogged filter circulates dirty air throughout the home. It cannot remove these pollutants from the air. 

Clean air moves throughout the home with the help of ductwork. Any problem with the ductwork can lead to the home not heating properly. Problems technicians commonly see include the poor design of the system, improper installation, and dirty ducts. 

Most people set their home’s thermostat and forget it. If the home remains at a comfortable temperature, they ignore this device. When a problem arises with the thermostat, however, they quickly see how vital it is to the system. Our technician will determine what the problem is and how best to fix it. 

System maintenance is necessary to keep the furnace running properly. People rarely notice a problem with the furnace until it breaks down. Call TSS Home Comfort for regular maintenance visits and they will catch any problems early. 

Signs a Furnace Needs Attention

Homeowners should pay attention to their furnaces and learn what is normal and what isn’t. Doing so helps to catch minor problems before they become major repairs. What should a homeowner look for? 

Insufficient Heating

At times, the furnace doesn’t heat the home. However, it may do so but take an extended period to reach the temperature they set the thermostat at. In either situation, call for a furnace repair to learn why the system cannot the home properly. This is one problem that won’t fix itself. 

Hot and Cold Rooms

The furnace may heat some rooms while leaving others cold. Don’t live with cold spots in the home. Check the vents in the home. If any don’t provide heat, it’s time to have an HVAC technician visit the home. 

High Energy Bills

High energy bills are another sign the furnace needs attention. If the monthly bill suddenly jumps and the weather hasn’t changed drastically, the furnace may have a failing part. The technician can determine which part it is and fix it before other components within the system are affected. 

Unfamiliar Noises

Furnaces make noises. However, if they hear an unfamiliar noise, the homeowner needs to know what is wrong. Any banging, grinding, or loud humming is of concern. Call for service right away, even if the unit is still heating the home.

Regular Maintenance Is Necessary

A homeowner should have their furnace checked yearly, at a minimum. Certain models need maintenance more often. These service calls help prevent problems from arising and will ensure the system operates at peak efficiency. 

Furnace Installation

No heating unit lasts forever. When the time comes to replace a furnace because of age or costly repairs, our team is ready to help. We work with clients to find the right system for their needs and handle the installation to ensure they do it right. 

Call for Furnace Repair in Meridian, ID Today

Don’t wait until it gets cold outside to call for furnace repair near Meridian, ID. A homeowner should request HVAC service each spring and fall to ensure their unit is running properly. Being proactive is the best way to catch problems early and have them corrected.

When a homeowner does this, they know they can be warm and comfortable in their own home when the weather is unpleasant outside. The heating system will run in the background and allow them to do so easily, thanks to TSS Home Comfort. 

Call us today to set up a service or repair. We are ready to help.