Water Heater Replacement in Boise, ID

In most homes, the water heater sits alone in the garage, laundry room, or utility closet, quietly providing the family with warm water for showers, baths, cooking, and cleaning. It works by pumping cool water from your utility service into the bottom of the tank; the water is heated by a heating mechanism fueled by either electricity or natural gas. As the water warms, it rises to the top and out of fixtures throughout your home when you need it. You might call it “on-demand water.”

Largely ignored, a water heater keeps your shower toasty day in and day out — until it suddenly doesn’t. There’s nothing like a shot of cold water during your morning shower to bring a malfunctioning water heater to your attention!

TSS Home Comfort Water Heater Services

Water heaters are a critical puzzle piece to your plumbing system, and unfortunately, you’ll probably face a water heater replacement sometime in the life of your homeownership. At TSS Home Comfort, we understand the burden that comes with replacing such an essential fixture in your home.

When you work with the TSS Home Comfort team, you’ll get:

  • Licensed and insured technicians
  • Technical excellent
  • Code-compliant practices
  • Safety as a top priority

You can trust our experienced team to get your schedule back to normal — and that includes warm showers.

A water heater replacement can be a financial burden you’re not prepared to take on, which is why we offer flexible payment options for your convenience. Money should not stand in the way of your home repairs!

Your Water Heater Lifespan

Water heaters typically last between eight and ten years. With regular maintenance from an expert company, you may be able to add a few years, but we recommend replacing your water heater a decade after its manufacture date. This will help you to plan your water heater replacement instead of cleaning up after an emergency.

Besides the age of your water heater, there are some significant signs that your water heater is working on borrowed time. Some of the main indications are:

  • Lack of hot water
  • Inconsistent hot water
  • Rusty or cloudy water
  • Rusting on the exterior of your water heater
  • Leaks in the bottom of your water heater
  • Unusual noises, like hissing or gurgling

Although these signs are troubling, age is an essential factor for a water heater replacement. Some things you can repair in a newer appliance, but if your water heater has reached its peak and shows these signs, schedule a water heater replacement with TSS Home Comfort before the problem gets worse.

Why Should I Get a New Water Heater?

An aging and malfunctioning water heater is inefficient and could be dangerous. Water that is mixed with sediment can cause health problems for your family. A leaking, rusty tank can weaken and flood your home. A tank that’s working harder to do the job of a newer device can lead to higher heating bills that can hit your wallet hard.

On the other hand, a water heater replacement can give you some great benefits:

  • More efficient heating and lower bills
  • An opportunity to upgrade to a larger tank
  • Quieter and more reliable operation 
  • Faster heating

You’ll also enjoy stress-free warm showers and plenty of hot water for appliances for the next decade! 

Types Of Water Heaters

An old water heater is one of the most significant culprits in excess energy usage in your home. Newer models are quieter, heat more quickly, and are available with different tank options — including one that isn’t a tank at all.

Water heaters come in an array of sizes, and your TSS Home Comfort technician will help you find the right fit for your home and family size. Another relatively new option is the tankless water heater, which rapidly heats cold water from your line directly to your sink or shower.

Some of the benefits of a tankless water heater include:

  • Endless supply of hot water
  • More energy efficient (only heats water when you need it)
  • Smaller profile to save space
  • Longer lifespan (approximately 25 years)

Although the price for a tankless water heater replacement is a little more than a traditional tank heater, you’ll enjoy more hot water, lower bills, and a long-lasting device!

As part of our water heater replacement services, our team can help to recommend a water heater that will perfectly fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional tank model or an efficient and innovative tankless water heater, we can help. 

Choose TSS Home Comfort for Your Water Heater Needs

For over 35 years, TSS Home Comfort has served Boise, ID and the Treasure Valley community with affordable HVAC and water heater services. We pride ourselves on hiring the best craftsmen in the business, which means you can count on technical excellence and cutting-edge technology for your water heater replacement.

We’re not just your technicians; we’re your trusted partners in water heater service and other repairs. TSS Home Comfort technicians will always go the extra mile to inspect your system and advise you on repairs.

Call TSS Home Comfort today for a free evaluation and quote for your replacement water heater.