AC Tune Up in Boise, Idaho

When your air conditioner starts making noise or fails to cool your home as needed during the summer months, it can be cause for concern. Before assuming the unit needs to be replaced, try calling in a professional to look at it. Sometimes all your unit needs is a little repair and tune up and it will be up and running like new again. A certified professional can check the AC unit and examine closely its different parts to be able to diagnose the problem.

Air conditioning units typically last about 10 years before they need to be replaced, and they should be serviced once a year to keep them running for as long as possible. If your system still has a few years left before hitting the 10-year mark, let an AC specialist take a look before paying out more money than is needed on a brand-new replacement.

Why is an AC tune up necessary?

The HVAC system coupled with the air conditioning unit has many parts that can wear out over time. When it comes to these devices, procrastination is never the solution. The solution is to take action immediately. This way you will prevent days and weeks without a working and stable air conditioner. All that is required is for a service expert to do what is called an AC tune-up, once a year.

During the inspection they will:

  • clean or replace the air filter
  • check the refrigerant levels
  • clean and straighten the coils and coil fins
  • remedy any safety hazards
  • clear the space in and around the unit from dirt and debris
  • search for any leaks or cracks
  • recalibrate the thermostat if needed

Having your air conditioning unit tuned up from time to time will extend its useful life and prevent problems requiring service calls. An air conditioning system is a lot like a car in that it takes regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently. If you skimp on regular scheduled maintenance, you’ll eventually see an increase in your electric bill, inconsistent cooling, and more frequent performance problems due to the unit’s decreasing efficiency.

Air conditioners are not used year-round in most parts of the country, so you might not realize there’s a problem with yours until you crank it up on the first hot day of summer. Be sure to schedule an inspection of your air conditioning system in the spring, before it gets too warm outside. At best, being without AC is miserable and at worst, it can be deadly.

Do I need a tune-up or a total replacement?

If you are not familiar with air conditioning devices, you couldn’t be able to see when the unit reached the end of its performance or simply needs to be checked. A professional can conduct an inspection and help you determine whether your unit is done for. See the rundown beneath to assist you with deciding if your unit may simply require a check up or on the off chance that you have to plan for a complete replacement.

Thermostat isn’t working

If your air conditioner isn’t doing a good job of cooling your home, the problem could be with the thermostat’s wiring or calibration rather than with the AC unit itself. If needed, an AC expert can give the wires and calibration a once over to determine the true cause of the problem.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout home

Without a check-up it may be challenging to know the reason for the uneven cooling in a home. Homeowners can observe the variations in home temperature due to rising heat. Radically differing temperatures from room to room, however, are a red flag that you have a problem with vents, ducts or possibly even air filters.

Bad smells or noises

Never ignore strange sounds emanating from your air conditioning unit. These sounds could be a result of loose or broken parts which should all be fixed before extensive damage is done. While these types of problems may sometimes be repaired, it is also possible that a full replacement might be in your best interest. Mold growing in your ductwork as well as burnt wires can be a source of unpleasant odors.

When the unit is inspected properly then the ultimate source of the problem will be determined. Very often with these types of issues, all that may be required is a simple repair or cleaning.


If you notice leaking from your air conditioner you should consider that as a bad sign. If water is leaking from the condenser or refrigerant is leaking from its lines, repairs are likely to be very costly. It’s cost-effective to replace an overused unit than repair it.

High energy bills.

One of the best indicating signs that your air conditioner is pushing itself to its limits and overworking is if your energy bills are higher than usual. Therefore you should always monitor your electrical bills in conjunction with your air conditioner usage. It’s possible that your air conditioning needs services from a professional.

If the unit is old and was just checked by a professional, it may need to be replaced. By having an inspection done, you can know for certain exactly what the situation is. In case of a replacement, a professional can walk you through the various choices in the market available.