Heat Pump Services Repair in Meridian, ID

Homeowners expect and need their heat pumps to work, especially in the middle of a cold Meridian, ID winter. Proper maintenance can extend the life of furnaces and heat pumps, reducing breakdowns. No heat pump, however, will last forever without an occasional repair.  Call the team at TSS Home Comfort to learn more or to schedule heat pump services or a tune-up near you.


Preventative Heat Pump Maintenance

Our Heat Pump Services repair in Meridian, ID provides preventative maintenance. Homeowners should schedule annual inspections and repair minor issues as they occur. Taking care of heating and air systems is the best way to extend the life of a heat pump. Our HVAC technicians can identify faulty components and replace them before they cause significant damage. Heat pump tune-ups can keep things running as they should.


Signs that Repair is Needed

If a heat pump is not producing sufficient heat to keep a house warm or it takes too long to get it up to temperature, it is probably time to look for Heat Pump Services repair near you. There could be a problem with the thermostat or air ducts, and they may need to be repaired. Waiting will only compound the problem and cost.  


Inconsistent Heating

If some of the rooms of a home are warm, but others are chilly with little airflow, it is probably time for HVAC repair. Residents should not live with discomfort or the inconvenience of cold spots and chilly rooms. Homeowners can feel in front of the vents to check if there is sufficient airflow. If not, it is best to get our licensed service company to look at things.


Expensive Utility Bills

Well-functioning heat pumps are required to work harder in winter than in the spring or fall. However, a homeowner should watch their monthly heating bills. A jump in the cost of the heating bill, without the homeowner’s routine changing, warrants a call to our HVAC service. Heat pumps often lose efficiency when there are underlying mechanical problems. A good HVAC repair company can fix many problems without replacing the unit.


Strange Sounds from the Heat Pump

Heat Pumps do make some noise. However, these are typical operating sounds, and most homeowners are familiar with them. Strange noises such as banging, grinding, or loud humming noises usually signify a problem. A contractor may be the best person to listen to the sound, perform a thorough check, and diagnose the problem. Do not ignore strange sounds, even if the heat pump produces hot air.


Common Causes of Heating Problems

Filters in HVAC systems can often get dirty and clogged, preventing proper airflow. Not only can this impede air flow, but it can impact the quality of air circulating in a home. Homes with excessive pet dander, smoke, allergens, hair, and aerosols need filters to help residents breathe the cleanest air possible.

Ductwork is an essential part of the HVAC system. Because air enters the home through different sections of ductwork, poor design, improper installation, and dirty ducts can impede airflow and heat circulation. Poorly sealed registered grills and inadequate airflow are additional problems that sometimes need to be addressed in homes.

Ignoring a heat pump is never a good idea. If a heating system is not properly maintained, it may slowly deteriorate, resulting in higher monthly utility bills and more expensive repairs.


Emergencies Happen

Always prepare for emergencies. We provide twenty-four-hour service in case of emergencies. Homeowners should have our phone number ready to call should their heat pump stop working when it is cold outside.

Some homeowners aren’t sure whether a situation is an emergency. The best policy is that any issue that causes a family to go without heat during the winter is an emergency. It is worth paying the extra money to call a professional to repair a heat pump rather than using space heaters and blankets until the problem is fixed.  


Heat Pump Services Repair or Replacement

Some local HVAC companies recommend replacing a heat pump rather than making repairs. We  will evaluate the situation and provide the homeowner with all options. We will talk through all of the options, make a recommendation, and answer customer questions thoroughly. 

When deciding to repair rather than replace, homeowners must ask themselves whether the heat pump is nearing the end of its expected service life and how efficient the unit is. If the homeowner is making repairs regularly to keep it running, it may be time to replace it rather than repair it.  

With proper maintenance and repairs, a heat pump should last a long time. We can help ensure a unit is operating at peak performance and will provide homeowners with a warm, comfortable home all winter. Call or schedule a service today!