Furnace & Heating Services in Meridian, Idaho

A proper heating system plays a big part in improving people’s lives all over Idaho, and your home in Meridian, ID, isn’t any different. You want the ability to cozy up on a cold and snowy day. To make sure that can happen, you need a provider that can maintain your furnace when it’s running, repair it when it isn’t, and let you know when the time comes to order a replacement.

At TSS Home Comfort, we can do all of that with ease. If you live in the Meridian, ID, area and you have or are looking to replace your furnace, read below to learn the services we can bring to your household today!

Furnace Services

When the weather is warm in the spring and summer, the last thing you’re probably thinking of is the state of your furnace. But did you know that hot days make the perfect season to maintain your heating system? When you’re less likely to use it, TSS Home Comfort can perform a furnace tune-up that will make sure that your unit is ready to keep you comfortable all winter long.

Even if you haven’t had a problem with your furnace, a tune-up can make the best system run even better. After a long enough period of unuse, your furnace is bound to collect dust and other particulates. Our team can clean, test, and calibrate every part of your furnace to get it ready for action.

In this process, they will also be able to find problems while they’re still manageable. That way, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a more costly repair. But unfortunately, that isn’t a choice for everyone.

When to Call for Furnace Repair

If you’re unsure whether you need a furnace repair, it’s worth assessing how well your current heater is doing its job. Is it only heating a few rooms at a time? Is it struggling to heat at all? Your furnace may be using two to three times as much energy to work a fraction as effectively. And you’ll see that reflected on your power bill.

A repair is an excellent way to get some extra life out of a furnace, but if your system is getting older, there will come the point when the repairs cost more than what the unit is worth. When that happens, TSS Home Comfort can guide you through the process of a furnace upgrade.

Choice of Furnace Installations

You may be looking to install your very first heating system or upgrade the system you currently have. Either way, TSS Home Comfort can make the process simple. We carry the three main furnace systems that can work for any household in our area.

Many older homes in Meridian, ID, have an oil-based furnace. These systems have a relatively long lifespan—about twenty-five years on average—but they’re much less efficient and more costly to run. If you’re looking to change fuel systems, there are other easier to maintain and more environmentally sound options.

An electrical furnace costs more to operate throughout the winter, but the unit itself is the cheapest of any of our options. However, they also have the shortest lifespan of most of our models.

If you’re looking for something that will last even longer than an oil furnace, a gas-powered furnace will last upwards of thirty years. But to install them, your home needs access to a natural gas line.

There’s a lot to consider. Luckily, you can call TSS Home Comfort with any of your questions, and our team will be able to determine the best fit for your home.

Benefits of a Furnace Replacement

A clear benefit of a furnace replacement is that you get an all new appliance for your household. It’s easy to see that new furnaces are more efficient and require less maintenance to keep running. And though not everything new is better, the technology is constantly improving when it comes to HVAC fixtures.

When you upgrade to a modern heating system, you’ll be able to warm your home better, easier, and more effectively. Not only that, but you’ll get a fresh slate when it comes to furnace maintenance, giving you a new opportunity to keep up with the annual tune-ups that will make your new heating system run as long as possible.

Finding the Best “Furnace Repair Near Me”

There are many providers in Meridian, ID, that offer furnace and HVAC services. But we like to go a little further than they do, to work a little harder and bring a level of service that’s unmatched by any of our competitors. That’s why we offer a comprehensive list of services, many of which are covered by our Total Care Maintenance Membership.

We care about all of our clients, but you are at our highest priority when you have Total Care Maintenance Membership. That means you have 24/7 emergency coverage without any extra fees. Membership includes free furnace maintenance every year you stay with us and a general discount on all services you may need to keep your HVAC systems functioning.

Living in Meridian, IR, you can’t control what the weather is outside. But you can call TSS Home Comfort today to take control of the climate inside your home all year long. With us, we put the “care” back in heating and air.