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Wintertime in Eagle brings a need for dependable, safe home heating solutions. TSS Home Comfort takes pride in delivering expert heating services to the Eagle community at an affordable price, ensuring residents stay warm and comfortable during the colder months.

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Heating services in Eagle extend beyond furnaces to include water heaters. TSS Home Comfort offers various options:

Tank Water Heaters: Common variety with tanks storing 20-100 gallons of hot water.

Hot Water Circulating Pumps: Tankless option providing hot water on demand.

Natural Gas Fired Water Heaters: Utilizes gas-powered burner for increased hot water supply.

Electric Water Heaters: Heats water through electrically resistant heating elements.

Solar Water Heaters: Utilizes sunlight as a heating source with a backup heater.

There are scenarios where replacing an existing furnace becomes a homeowner’s choice:

Switching Fuel Source: Transitioning from electric to natural gas for cost efficiency.

Broken Furnace: When repair costs outweigh the benefits.

New Remodel or Addition: Upgrading to meet the heating demands of increased living space.

TSS Home Comfort experts excel in keeping Eagle furnaces running efficiently. Immediate professional attention is crucial when experiencing signs such as unusual sounds, uneven heating, increased utility bills, cold spots, or thermostat malfunctions. For gas or oil-burning furnaces, safety concerns must prompt evacuation and professional assistance if gas is detected.

When it comes to installing a new furnace, Eagle homeowners have choices that suit their preferences and home requirements. The skilled technicians at TSS Home Comfort assist in selecting the optimal option for each home:

Gas Furnaces:

  • Utilize natural gas for efficient heating.
  • Longer lifespan with proper maintenance.

Oil Furnaces:

  • Ideal for homes without natural gas access.
  • Considerably less efficient, leading to higher operating costs.

Electric Furnaces:

  • Simple and cost-effective.
  • Potential for higher operational costs depending on electricity prices.

Regardless of the fuel source, TSS Home Comfort ensures precise installation, including thorough inspection and maintenance of ductwork and vents.

TSS Home Comfort provides reliable furnace tune-up services in Eagle, offering benefits such as:

  • Efficient and economical furnace operation.
  • Even heating throughout the home.
  • Prevention of costly future repairs.
  • Assurance of safe, leak-free furnace operation.
  • Compliance with furnace manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

During a tune-up, skilled technicians inspect mechanical and electrical components, ductwork, and perform light cleaning. For combustible oil or gas furnaces, safety is a top priority.

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Locating heating services in Eagle is convenient, with TSS Home Comfort standing out for friendly, knowledgeable technicians prioritizing safety, value, and comfort. For heating or cooling system service, repair, or replacement, TSS Home comfort is eager to help!

Contact us or call us at 208-908-4330 today. Let us bring comfort back to your home!

Reach out to TSS Home Comfort now—our team is ready to
restore warmth to your home. Contact us or call us at 208-908-4330.

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