Furnace Replacement in Boise, Idaho

Winter seems to always be on people’s minds here in Boise, Idaho. If cold weather doesn’t have the city in its grasp, we all know it’s lurking right around the corner, just waiting to force out the warmer, more pleasant temperatures. Because of that, we always want to be sure our furnaces are in working order. Having professional inspections carried out during summer or early fall and repairs made as necessary to help keep a furnace in top-notch shape, but there comes a time when routine maintenance just isn’t enough. At that point, Furnace Replacement is the best solution.

Skilled and Experienced Furnace Replacement Technicians

At TSS Home Comfort, we’re the go-to source for furnace replacement services in Boise, Idaho. Our highly trained and certified technicians are skilled and experienced in servicing and repairing all major brands and models. We take pride in helping ensure all our neighbors in Boise and the surrounding areas can depend on their home heating systems to be installed when they need them most. Feel free to contact us to schedule a service appointment.

How Do I Know If My Furnace Needs to Be Replaced?

Furnaces are built to last for several years before needing to be replaced. Routine maintenance and prompt repairs can help extend their lives even further. Still, they just don’t last forever. In some cases, determining whether repairs are in order or the entire heating system needs to be replaced isn’t easy. Keep an eye out for certain warning signs to let you know your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan. Look up “furnace replacement near me” if seeing the below indicators.

Visible Damage

Despite the best care and upkeep, furnaces are bound to acquire damage over time. Some of this wear and tear only appears on the internal components of the unit, but others are clearly visible on the outside. You may notice cracks forming around the unit, which would be a sign of age and wear. Rust spots may also begin to form, indicating that it’s being exposed to moisture. Both mean it could be time to replace the furnace.

Unusual Buildup in Your Home

Over the years, furnaces accumulate dust, dirt, pet dander, and other particles, and hidden rust generally forms inside the unit. They may also begin producing excessive amounts of soot while in operation. Filters help keep all those particles out of your home, but they can only do so much. If you notice black buildup or more dust than usual gathering on the furniture and floors, it may be time to have a new furnace installed.

Changes in Humidity

Heating and air conditioning systems naturally dry out the air in a home to an extent. This is part of the process they go through to regulate temperatures. That being said, they shouldn’t strip all the moisture from the air or make your interior environment feel too oppressive. If you’re noticing low humidity in the home or your family is experiencing unusual sinus issues, you may need to have the furnace thoroughly inspected and possibly replaced.

Warm or Cold Spots

Your furnace should heat the entire house evenly. As heating systems age, though, they tend to fall short. This leads to hot or cold spots. Perhaps a back bedroom isn’t getting as warm as it should or the family room is getting too hot when the furnace is running. That’s generally a good indication you need a furnace upgrade.

Skyrocketing Repairs

Certain expenses come with owning a furnace, and repairs and routine tune up and maintenance are a couple of them. If those costs have been rising over the last few years, or the furnace seems to be broken more often than it’s up and running, it may have outlived its usefulness. Though purchasing a new heating system is a significant investment, replacing the old one will pay off in the long run.

Soaring Heating Costs

Today’s furnaces are designed with efficiency in mind. Those of the past were as well, but their technology is a bit outdated. They also lose a portion of their efficiency each year. If your heating bills are creeping upwards, replacing the furnace will help send them back in the right direction.

In addition to those warning signs, the age of your heating system is a significant factor. If your furnace is more than 10 years old or came with the house and you’re not sure how old it is, consider replacing it. This is true even if it hasn’t started giving you trouble yet.

Place Your Home Heating in the Hands of the Experts

Here at TSS Home Comfort, we’re proud to help make sure our clients’ furnaces are living up to their expectations. We offer the full range of residential HVAC and heating services, including furnace inspections, repairs, replacements, and new installations. Our team will determine if you need to replace your furnace, and we can help you decide which new heating system will best suit your needs. Call us or contact us using the form we’ve provided to schedule an appointment and let us help improve the comfort level in your home.