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When the chill sets in, you expect your home’s heating to kick in seamlessly. But, as furnaces age, hiccups become more common. That’s where TSS Home Comfort steps in. Our seasoned experts bring you top-notch heating services, covering furnace installation, tune-ups, repairs, and maintenance.

At TSS Home Comfort, we’re the go-to professionals for furnace services in Star, ID, and neighboring communities. Count on us to keep your systems running smoothly throughout the year!

Reach out to TSS Home Comfort now—our team is ready to restore warmth to your home. Contact us or call us at 208-908-4330 today.

For a brand-new furnace, our expert team ensures a seamless installation process. We analyze your space to determine the ideal furnace size, minimizing disruption to your home and schedule. While furnaces can last over two decades, wear and tear eventually warrant a replacement. Gas, electric, solar, wood/pellet, radiant heat, or boiler—whatever your choice, we’ve got you covered.

Gas Furnaces: Fueled by municipal natural gas lines, gas furnaces can outlast electric counterparts with proper maintenance. We guide you on the benefits and longevity of gas systems.

Electric Furnaces: Compact and cost-effective upfront, electric furnaces are ideal for smaller spaces. Our skilled technicians help you decide if an electric furnace aligns with your needs and budget.

Oil Furnaces: Operating similarly to gas furnaces, oil furnaces distribute warmth through ductwork. While not as efficient, we provide expertise in oil furnace installations.

Our experienced technicians handle installations of all types. If you need a furnace installed in Star, ID, call us, and we’ll walk you through your options.

After a winter of constant use, furnaces in Star often sit idle during the summer. This inactivity takes a toll on components. A tune-up ensures efficiency, longevity, and cost-effectiveness during cold months.

During a tune-up, our professionals:

  • Test heating elements
  • Calibrate thermostats
  • Inspect pilot systems and electrical components
  • Lubricate mechanical parts
  • Clean major components

Clean coils and a new air filter enhance efficiency, preventing carbon monoxide buildup. Regular tune-ups save on long-term repair costs.

Even with regular maintenance, furnaces may need repairs. Common issues include constant running, no heat from vents, strange noises, pilot light issues, or malfunctioning igniters. Our Star team handles all furnace repairs, including emergencies.

Worn-out furnaces, even with meticulous care, eventually need replacing. Signs include uneven heating, unusual humidity changes, debris buildup, and visible damage. TSS Home Comfort excels in efficient furnace replacements.

If you notice warm or cold spots, unusual humidity changes, debris buildup, or visible damage, it may be time for a replacement.

Need Furnace & Heating Services in Star, ID?

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Wondering, “Is there TSS Home Comfort furnace repair near me?” Absolutely! Reach out today to explore our comprehensive furnace and air conditioning services. Trust TSS Home Comfort for all your furnace needs in Star, ID.

Contact us or call us at 208-908-4330 today. Let us bring comfort back to your home!

Reach out to TSS Home Comfort now—our team is ready to restore warmth to your home. Contact us or call us at 208-908-4330 today.

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