Water Heater Services in Boise, Idaho

Most people are not aware of the choices when it comes to heating water but they do know for sure when they don’t have hot water! At TSS Home Comfort, water heater repairs are performed by our skilled HVAC technicians. Replacing worn-out water heaters with a new energy-efficient water heater can help you save energy costs. All TSS Home Comfort water heater installations or repairs can be performed in most Treasure Valley communities and comes with a guarantee.

  • Tank Water Heaters use a cylindrical shaped tank to store hot water at all times. The size of the tank can vary from 20 to 100 gallons. These tanks can use various heating sources, like electricity, natural gas, and geothermal energy to heat the water. Tank water heaters are common in most homes.
  • Hot Water Circulating pumps provide hot water on demand and are generally used in residential areas. Water is pulled through to the heater to the pipes. Once the tap is shut off, the water that remains cools. This is the cause of waiting for hot water when we open a tap.
  • Natural Gas Fired Water Heaters are an alternative for electric, gas fired water heaters use natural gas or propane as a fuel source. A burner under the tank is used to heat the water, leading to more wear and tear on the system, which means less life-span and more maintenance. However, it is capable of producing more hot water.
  • Electric Water Heaters use a volt circuit to heat the water as it passes through electrical-resistant heating elements. A thermostat monitors the change in water temperature and generally has a preset limit anywhere between 130° and 140°. Energy saving systems use temperatures as low as 120°.
  • Solar Water Heaters are capable of being used in any climate and use sunlight as a heating source. Each system usually has a backup heater when demands are higher or the sky is cloudy. If you’re looking to go green and save money, look no further than a solar water heater.