Furnace Replacement in Meridian, ID

One winter in Meridian, Idaho is all a person needs to know a functioning heating system is essential in the city. When the temperature drops to 24 degrees Fahrenheit outside, which it frequently does in January, you want to remain warm in your home. A working furnace helps to ensure you do. 

Call TSS Home Comfort for a furnace inspection, and we will check your furnace to make certain it works on cold winter nights. Our local technicians recommend having this inspection during the summer months or in the early fall. 

Nobody can predict when the temperature will drop precipitously, and that is not the time when you want to learn you need a furnace replacement in Meridian, ID. By having this inspection done before this happens, you will have time to discuss the different options and choose the right residential or commercial HVAC system for your needs. 

Why Choose Us for Furnace Replacement in Meridian

You may wonder why you should choose us for furnace replacement near you when there are several other options available. Our service team is the best in the business, so you can feel confident knowing we do the work right every time.

Our contractor will visit your home, inspect the system, and provide you with the reasons you need furnace repair or replacement. When doing so, they always put your interests first. 

Regardless of what you decide regarding your HVAC system, know that our technicians are highly skilled and certified. They work on all major brands and models, so you only have one company to call for the heating system. 

How Do I Know When it is Time for Furnace Replacement?

No person looks forward to paying for a furnace replacement near Meridian, and we understand this. It’s never fun when you have to spend money on household repairs. We feel the same way. However, sometimes you have no choice.

While a well-maintained furnace can last for two decades or more, the unit will eventually need replacement. How can you know when repairs will no longer be enough to keep the unit functioning for more than a few days or weeks? Certain warning signs suggest a furnace installation project is imminent.

Visible Damage

You might not see damage to the unit, as wear and tear affect internal components of the system. However, if you see any visible damage on the outside of the unit, call us. 

Cracks on the outside of the unit show its age. Rust formation on the appliance lets you know moisture has reached the furnace. These are two signs it is time to have the heater replaced. They aren’t the only indications, however.

Dust and Debris in the Home

The furnace collects debris over time. In addition, the unit may produce excessive soot with regular use. 

While your HVAC filters should keep these particles out of the home, they often cannot keep up. When you notice excessive dirt, dust, pet dander, or other pollutants in the home, call TSS Home Comfort to discuss a furnace replacement in Meridian, ID. 

Humidity Levels

HVAC systems naturally dry air in the home, as they work to regulate the temperature. However, when they strip all moisture from the air or remove no moisture, a problem exists within the system. Low humidity in the home can lead to health issues, so call us to have the unit inspected and replaced if necessary. 

Uneven Heating

Nobody wants to move between rooms in the home and find they must change clothes when doing so. When one room is excessively warm and another is extremely cold, there is a problem with the heating system. Call us and we will determine what it is and make repairs or suggest a furnace replacement in Meridian, ID. 

Frequent Repairs

You must have your HVAC system regularly maintained and tuned to ensure it continues to operate optimally. However, you will find the system loses efficiency over time, even when you have completed these tasks. If you are finding the cost of repairs continues to increase each year, it’s time to consider replacing the unit. Doing so saves you money in the long run. 

Rising Energy Bills

Energy costs continue to rise. When you combine these rising costs with an inefficient or failing furnace, you might find you can no longer afford to heat the home. Upgrading the furnace can bring these costs under control again. 

The Age of the Furnace

You might want to replace your furnace simply because it is old. Newer units are more efficient, and you won’t need to worry about the appliance breaking down as much. Consider replacing it if you wonder whether the unit will function every time you go to turn it on. 

Our team at TSS Home Comfort is ready to help you in any way we can. We offer a range of HVAC services and work with both residential and commercial clients. 

Call today to discuss your heating needs and set up an appointment. We will visit the home and determine whether furnace replacement in Meridian, ID is right for your home or if you should consider other options.